Our world is not just growing, its also growing virtually.

New Internet technologies promoting cloud-based services, the Internet of Things (IoT), real-world user interfaces, use of smart phones and smart meters, networks of sensors and two-way radios exponentially increases communication between people, businesses, government and data.

This growing virtual world is also getting smarter in its connection with the real world. It protects people and assets, automate processes such as garbage collection and street cleaning, reduce traffic jams and pollution, enhance quality, performance and interactivity of urban services, reduce costs and resource consumption.

Underlying the growth of this virtual world, is network infrastructure. Connectivity and bandwidth are fuelling this growing gigabyte engine that runs more and more on smart services. Wireless and fibre-optics are the key carriers of this ever growing connectivity and will play essential roles in creating an even more smarter world.

But this advancing world requires an expansion and densification of wireless and fibre networks to continuously serve end users and accomplish connectivity among an increasing amount of devices, sensors, wireless data and traffic.

Today wireless has grown from a voice-only, person-to-person, mobile communications service to a rapidly evolving, highly connected mobile broadband world where everything is able to connect to everything else. With each technological advancement in wireless radio networks, subscriber growth, changes in user behaviour and user expectations have increased the need for more macro sites deployed on towers and rooftops.

TWK Communications has already established a strong, highly connected and smart wireless infrastructure, supported by a robust fibre network, to match the smart world vision with reality.

TWK has enlisted a full suite of cutting-edge network technologies, making it easy to meet the new heightened demands of the smart world. They can provide the building blocks needed to develop a robust connectivity ecosystem with access to a range of technologies at the onset, from fixed line to wireless.

They embrace the requirements that our smart world put forward and builds holistic solutions that would not only meet the requirements, but also allow for scaling of services and leave room for new technologies to plug in and excel in the required environment.

TWK Communications also prides itself on developing several innovative and highly specialised network deployment solutions in urban, suburban and rural areas. Over the past eleven years the network experience gained by TWK provided a strong knowledge framework which, combined with an aggressive problem-solving attitude and the tenacity of a dedicated and focused team, has resulted in several successful but immensely challenging installations.

Being on the verge of changing the South African communications technology landscape, TWK is positive its wireless infrastructure and communications network will be the backbone of the smart new world driven by smart connections and services.

TWK subscribe to the ICASA Code of Conduct that governs all electronic communication services in South Africa. We are committed to this standard of best practice pertaining to the services of an internet service provider.

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