We live in a world where the smart internet tells you where to buy your new shoes while you are telling your smart home via your smart phone to close the windows – obviously your smart phone picked up its going to rain this afternoon.

In the background your smart fridge is ordering milk on your smart shopping card (earning you smart points nonetheless). Tonight your driverless smart taxi will take you home after a night out with the bros.
The future is already here, and its smart! And your city wants to be smart as well: It wants to get you to your destination faster, allow you to walk at night with no worries, and quickly find you a parking spot without you wasting half an hour driving around looking for one.

But just as your smart phone, smart home and smart fridge depends on wireless internet connection to be so smart, so does your city.
In order to automate any process and transfer information smart cities require communication networks across the entire city. It depends on running its services on a reliable wireless network that can manage traffic, direct you to a free parking spot, enhance public safety, conserve energy and save water. Wireless communication plays a critical role in all smart city projects and cities very often start building a wireless network as a first step towards becoming a smarter city.

No matter where you are or what you’re trying to achieve, the first step to building any smart city is to implement robust, reliable, and high speed wireless networks.

But the aspiring smart city has good fortune: TWK Communications has already established a strong, highly connected and smart wireless infrastructure, supported by a robust fibre network, that will allow any city to provide enhanced public-safety services, sustainability and efficiency within transportation, energy, water, waste and other public services.

TWK has enlisted a full suite of cutting-edge network technologies, making it easy for city planners to meet the challenges of the smart city. They can provide the building blocks needed to develop a robust connectivity ecosystem with access to a range of technologies at the onset, from fixed line to wireless.

They embrace the challenges that smart cities put forward and builds holistic solutions that would not only meet the requirements, but also allow for scaling of services and leave room for new technologies to plug in and excel in the required environment.
Not only do they propose holistic multi-access networks, public Wi-Fi and closed-circuit surveillance solutions, they also built in network traffic prioritisation, network link and traffic monitoring as well as device monitoring & management to ensure that the design they build today will be easily managed & maintained effortlessly tomorrow.

TWK Communications prides itself on developing several innovative and highly specialised network deployment solutions in urban, suburban and rural areas. Over the past eleven years the network experience gained by TWK provided a strong knowledge framework which, combined with an aggressive problem-solving attitude and the tenacity of a dedicated and focused team, has resulted in several successful but immensely challenging installations.

The clear answer to ensuring sustainability and quality-of-life in urban areas today, and tomorrow, is TWK’s smart city wireless solutions, which can run the full spectrum from connected video cameras and traffic sensors to public Wi-Fi hotspots and kiosks to access municipal services.

Being on the verge of changing the South African communications technology landscape, TWK is confident in building its wireless infrastructure and communications network as the backbone of this challenging smart environment driven by smart connections and services.

TWK subscribe to the ICASA Code of Conduct that governs all electronic communication services in South Africa. We are committed to this standard of best practice pertaining to the services of an internet service provider.

Download a copy of ICASA’s Code of Conduct.
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