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How does wireless internet work?

Wireless internet is a way in which users are able to connect to the internet without having to use cables and wires for connectivity. Radio waves are used to send and receive signals from a network tower. The router allows the client to send and receive information wirelessly. Network towers are usually placed following the instructions of an internet service provider. The internet service provider manages the towers.

One of the greatest advantages of using a wireless internet network is that you can have more than one device connected to the network at once.

TWK Communications supplies its customers with an effective wireless internet option. Our company supplies wireless internet services to the urban, suburban, and rural areas of South Africa. Give us a call today to find out more about wireless internet in Grabouw today.

Wireless internet in the rural areas 

Technology is ever-evolving, yet there is still a problem with the supply of wireless internet in rural areas. This is known as the “digital divide” between rural and urban areas. One of the major factors contributing to the low access to wireless internet in rural areas would have to be low population density. Most telecommunications companies tend to install network towers in areas where people are most likely to pay for this service.

Being able to use wireless internet is very important to many rural areas in South Africa. One of the best examples to prove this would be to look at students who use online resources for school projects. Most students living in urban and suburban areas will not have a problem to gather information from Google or other online resources, while those living in rural areas who do not have access to wireless internet will not have this privilege. Wireless internet has become a necessity both in the classroom and at home for students living in the digital age.

When a company chooses to bring wireless internet to a rural area, they would first start off by placing network towers in the areas where they see fit. These network towers are then used to transmit radio waves for internet connection. However, there could be some barriers in rural areas that cause slow internet connectivity. Natural barriers such as streams, rivers, and mountains within the area may cause internet connectivity in rural areas to be much slower than that of the urban areas.

TWK Communications supplies wireless internet to areas in South Africa where most companies have failed to do so. Our company intends to bring uninterrupted services to customers in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, and Overberg region. Get in touch with our sales team today for more information on prices and packages for Grabouw.

Why should you choose to use high-quality uncapped wireless internet in Grabouw for your business? 

People use wireless internet to communicate, work, and save money on data. If you are running a business in the digital age, there is no need to use cables to connect your computers to the internet. A solid wireless network connectivity is a must-have for most businesses operating today. Below we discuss some of the reasons why you should be using wireless internet in your business:

  • Multiple users on a network

Having access to wireless internet at work enables the company to allow more than one user on a network. Not only this, each employee can use more than one screen while doing their work. This allows them to complete their tasks at a much faster rate than that of a wired network. Wired networks only allow one user at a time to connect to the internet. This is not viable for a fully-fledged organization.

  • Multiple devices per user

In this digital age that we are living in, a user’s number of devices is seemingly increasing. The typical user has a cell phone, tablet and laptop, and even desktops. Imagine having a meeting which requires the use of a computer. It would be really tough to carry your desktop with you all the way to your meeting when you could just take a laptop and connect it to a wireless network. Wireless networks have the capacity to allow users to connect more than one single device to the network.

  • Wireless internet promotes company growth

As your company grows, you will start to notice the demand for a wireless network in your business. The more employees, devices, and applications you acquire, you will start to see the need for having a reliable wireless internet connection in your company. Having access to wireless internet in your business creates a productive working environment because the information is so easily accessible.

 Remember, your business depends on your ability to innovate. If your company is unable to keep up with the customer’s demands, your company will not make the profits needed and may suffer great losses. Having access to wireless internet can help to get all of the work done in your company at a much faster rate. Businesses across the country have started to incorporate the use of mobile devices into their network and the need to be mobile is growing.

TWK Communications can assist you with wireless internet for your company in Grabouw. Our wireless internet network options consist of the following:

– Ten MBPS uncapped wireless internet for R899 per month

– Fifteen MBPS uncapped wireless internet for R1099 per month

– Twenty MBPS uncapped wireless internet for R1299 per month

We also provide other options that may suit your needs better. If you are interested in getting secure wireless internet in Grabouw at the most affordable price, please feel free to submit a sale enquire on our website today. All you have to do is fill in your details on the space provided and we will have one of our staff members get back to you. Alternatively, all of our customers are welcome to speak to our sales team for more information about our wireless internet deals. Give us a call on 021 2000 600 today.

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