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Doringkruin is a little suburb that is located approximately five kilometres northeast of Klerksdorp. TWK Communications offers its network coverage services to areas such as the Western and Eastern Cape as well as the Overberg area. Find out more about TWK Connections Doringkruin wireless internet service provider below. We also operate in other areas, such as Prieska and Swellendam.

What is Wireless Internet Service?

Wireless internet has become increasingly popular over the years since it provides people the ability to stay connected to the internet without having to use one single cable. Previously, people would use a more traditional wired network method which required the use of a LAN (Local Access Network) cable. 

The LAN cable was used to connect one network device to another. It would allow you to perform simple functions like connecting the computer to a printer or scanner and transfer files between two devices. The cable had its limitations in the fact that it could only connect to one device at a time. Now with the help of wireless internet services, you can connect more than one device to the network. 

On the other hand, wireless internet networks make use of a tower that sends and receives signals from a router. The internet towers are usually overseen by the Internet Service Provider. At TWK Communications, we provide our customers with different wireless network packages to suit their needs. Our services are offered to the urban, suburban, and rural areas in South Africa. Speak to one of our professional staff members today to find out more about these offers. 

How Fast Can Wireless Internet Go?

Besides price, the next most important question when dealing with wireless internet services would be, “how fast can my internet connection go?” Internet speed is determined by the amount of data the connection can download or upload per second. The speed is shown in bits per second (bps). In most cases, the upload speed of ten Mbps (megabytes per second) or higher is considered to be the fastest and a download speed of anything lower than twenty-five Mbps (megabytes per second) is considered slow.  

The speed of the plan that you choose from your internet service provider is one of the most important factors when dealing with the speed of your network. Be sure to find out about the quality of the network in your area before committing to a specific plan with your ISP (Internet Service Provider.) Too many devices connected in your area can cause major interruptions in your wireless network experience. TWK Communications offers our clients living in Doringkruin the opportunity to get connected with some of the best plans on the market. View our wireless internet plans on our website today or visit us in store for more details. 

The Difference Between Wired and Wireless Internet 

In terms of differences between wired and wireless internet networks, one of the main differences between the two would have to be the fact that a wired network makes use of cables whereas a wireless network does not. 

Wired networks make use of a LAN (Local Area Network) cable to connect one single device to a network. Wired networks provide high connectivity and speed because the network is being used by only one device. 

Wireless internet networks can be accessed by multiple devices. This type of network does not require the use of a cable to connect to a network. Wireless uses the air as a medium to send algorithmic waves or signals between a network tower and a router. A wireless network provides the user with multiple benefits, which include mobility and convenience. A user who chooses to make use of a wireless internet network will be able to access information in real-time, allowing them to move between locations without getting disconnected from the network. This promotes productivity both at home or in the workplace, which you would not get with traditional methods of connectivity. 

Wireless networks can be accessed in locations that cables can’t reach! As far as convenience is concerned, the nature of this type of network makes it possible for the user to access it from anywhere at any time. This advantage is one that businesses working from home or in remote places are capitalizing on. As technology becomes more advanced, people are demanding a wireless network that offers great speed at a low cost. 

Become digitally ready today by investing in one of our wireless internet packages today. Our staff is ready to assist you in finding the best wireless internet deal on the market. 

Doringkruin Wireless Internet Deals at TWK Communications

At TWK Communications, we provide our clients with only the best telecom infrastructure and internet service provider services in the country. If you are interested in investing in a wireless internet connectivity plan then we are the company for you!

TWK Communications offers customers three different wireless internet packages to choose from. These include: 

  • Package One: 10 Mbps uncapped wireless broadband for R899.
  • Package Two: 15 Mbps uncapped wireless broadband for R1099.
  • Package Three: 20Mbps uncapped wireless broadband for R1299. 

All of our customers have the option to choose between prepaid, business premium, and uncapped packages. We aim to uplift communities by providing them with a fast and reliable wireless internet solution in areas where connectivity may be a challenge. For more information about each package, be sure to speak to our sales team today. 

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