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Are you looking for the best VoIP service provider in Doringkruin? TWK Communications has the perfect solution for you. Read all about our VoIP Business Package below.


Doringkruin is a small residential area that is situated approximately five kilometres east of Klerksdorp in the North West province of South Africa. TWK Communications is the leading provider for all types of telecom infrastructure and IP solutions in Doringkruin. We specifically offer our services in areas such as the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, and the Overberg region. Learn about our business and VoIP service below.

What is a VoIP System? 

Have you ever wondered about placing calls using broadband internet? VoIP, also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol is a type of technology that enables the user to make a call using a wireless internet network as opposed to using regular phone lines.


Using a VoIP system requires that calls be placed either by using a computer or with the help of a VoIP phone. One of the main reasons why businesses are moving towards this system is because of the fact that it is much cheaper to place a call using VoIP compared to making a regular phone call. The process of installing VoIP services in your business is much more cost-effective as opposed to setting up traditional lines for calling purposes.


In terms of how this system works, your voice is converted into a digital signal that travels to the other person on the receiving end of the call with the help of the internet. To successfully make a call using VoIP, requires the use of small data packets that travel between your phone and the VoIP provider.


Our clients will be surprised at how easy it is to use VoIP services in Doringkruin. It is great for both personal or business use as long as you have a good internet connection. The call quality also depends on how strong your internet is. Those who have access to a great wireless network will find that their call quality is crisp and clear.


At TWK Communications, we provide our customers with the best VoIP service in Doringkruin. Our company supplies Voice Over Internet Protocol services in urban, suburban, and rural areas of South Africa. We pride ourselves on providing our solutions in areas where other businesses have not been successful in doing so. As a South African-based business, we understand the importance of empowering these areas with VoIP services.

Is VoIP a Reliable Service?

Simply put, the answer to this is Yes! Wired phone systems have been around and in use for years on end. With the rapid increase in modern technology, we are now able to make calls anywhere around the world using the internet. Since this concept is new to most people, it is common to question its reliability.


When you choose to use TWK Communications as your VoIP provider, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive a reliable service that offers great value for your money.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when it comes to the reliability of VoIP:


  • The uptime of your service.

It is important to make sure that you speak to your provider about the uptime of their service. Uptime means the percentage of time the service is online and functioning well. TWK communications ensure their customers that should they experience any difficulty during the time of use, we will work to minimize the downtime and get your service working again.


  • Can you place international calls?

If you can place international calls with your VoIP service, then you should know that it is a reliable one. Our customers can make international calls at a much lower rate per call.


  • The call quality

Call quality is really important, especially if you are using VoIP in your business. Once you hear what a call sounds like over VoIP, you will not ever want to switch back to traditional calls. VoIP phones are manufactured so advanced that the quality of the call makes it enjoyable for the people communicating over the network.


When you choose to use VoIP, you will never want to switch over to traditional calling methods again. Keeping these factors in mind, you can rest assured knowing that you will get a reliable service, should your company be able to assist with the above.

TWK Communications VoIP Services in Doringkruin 

TWK Communications offers its customers in Doringkruin a Business Plan VoIP package. This solution is great if you are looking for a low-cost alternative to those of fixed-mobile lines for communication. One of the biggest advantages of using our VoIP service in Doringkruin is that we allow our customers to make calls to either local, national and international numbers using our service. This advantage will be great for your business because it allows your company to make calls at a cheaper rate, thus saving money.


Our customers will be happy to hear that they can still keep their existing office number in use while also gaining other benefits such as video conferencing calls when using our VoIP service.

Businesses in Doringkruin who choose to use our VoIP solutions will also be able to enjoy the aspect of service mobility. Employees do no longer have to be tied down to a desk and telephone wires. Now, with the help of our VoIP technology, you can make calls to your suppliers anywhere, at any given time.


If you are interested in getting VoIP for your business in Doringkruin, please speak to our team of professionals today. We always enjoy communicating with our customers, whether it is to find solutions to provide useful insight into our service. Please call us on 021 2000 600 today. Should you experience any difficulties while using our service, we have a support team that is ready to assist you. Make sure to call our customer call center or the support team if you have any trouble with our Doringkruin VoIP phone service.


TWK subscribe to the ICASA Code of Conduct that governs all electronic communication services in South Africa. We are committed to this standard of best practice pertaining to the services of an internet service provider.

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